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Accelerator Program

The program is designed for all willing start-ups to validate their business idea and the solution they are trying to commercialise. Its designed to accelerate process of finding success potential earlier or go for one more round of improvement before professionally launching the venture.  All start-ups who are either connected with us through Start-up India Portal, or registered directly through our portal, are eligible to get benefited through our program. This program is offered in collaboration with Lexicon By Spin-Off from Singapore polytechnic, and Maharashtra Chamber Mumbai. All Start-Ups who are connected with us through Start-Up India Portal, can avail this accelerator program completely free of cost.

STAGE-01 (Define / Discover)

Invention V/S Innovation


Problem identification, Problem impact, Analysing Solution Impact

STAGE- 04 (Plan)

Develop product / Solution


Proof of Concept, Rapid prototyping, Pilot production planning and scheduling 

STAGE- 07 (Validate)

Product to Market Fit

Product To Market.png

Have trial sale, Acquire initial customers, get customer feedback, Identify potential

STAGE- 02 (Empathise)

Analyse Competition


How market need is uniquely addressed by your solution. What are the USPs?

STAGE- 05 (Protect)

Protecting Your Idea


Understand protecting your intellectual property (Copy right, Trademarks & Patents)

STAGE- 08 (Fund & Finance)

Go to Market Strategy

Stage E.jpg

Refine strategy, Estimate fund requirements, Define cashflow, Business pitch

STAGE- 03 (Ideate)

Name it, Frame it


People should recognise your product / service, understand how it solve problem

STAGE- 06 (Build)

Build Model

Stage H.jpg

Product / Service Model, Business model, Proposition, of Value, Customer Journey

STAGE- 09 (Launch)

Launch and Execute


Make it happen. Repeat important stages, Look inside, Think Out of Box

To Access this program free of cost, Register your start-up on Start-Up India Portal and Connect With Our incubation Centre "Samruddhi TBI Foundation" through connection request.
Scientific jugaadfunda is our innovation and incubation management partner. They offer this services to all our start-ups.

After application through Start-up India Portal announced program, our team shall communicate the schedule and other details of the program.

Not Registered on Start-Up India Portal? Still Want to Register?


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