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Samruddhi TBI Foundation understands the needs of the start-ups. Participant and STBI shall determine which specific services best fit the needs of the Participant and negotiate the service fees associated with these services/ equity/ convertible debts in a separate contract, based on pre-validation and acceleration program. STBI incubation policy document covers all entry-exit options for the idea-to-incubation process. Based on stat-up needs, they can flexibly choose the required services. (Change paragraph to required text)


Scope and 

Express Interest and submit request for supporting your idea/innovation/proposal on the secure STBI  portal. 

You will immediately receive an acknowledgment from our patent attorney about the recognization of your submission.

Based on the stage of your innovation, you will be guided by our team to be part of relevant incubation program stage.

Respective mentors shall support you in bringing the best out of you and adding strength to your business idea, taking it closer to commercial success.

Our innovation management tools and processes supported by our third-party execution partner, shall enable you to navigate your position on the path of entrepreneurial journey.

An online tracking mechanism will enable funding agencies to review and take a call on approval of seed funding



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