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Business incubation is the process of supporting an idea (Product or Service) from an innovator or a team, and enable its transformation into successful business venture. Many times we think of innovative ideas or solution to problems, but we don't know how to start the journey of taking this idea to market. We don't know how to check its technical feasibility, commercial viability, and its acceptance by the customer.


Guidance, networking with quality mentors, estimation of cost, estimation of profitability, value proposition to the customer, procuring raw material, making first prototype, product packaging, strategic partnerships for effective marketing and sale, raising funds, managing finance, accessing technology, protecting our intellectual property, branding, analyzing competition, and many more are the challenges faced by most of the entrepreneurs and start-ups.


Incubation center is the entity, that helps start-ups through its systematic incubation process to overcome these challenges and accelerates their journey from idea to market by providing them supportive environment to either perish quickly or grow quickly for its better sustainability. It provides, physical infrastructure, Mentoring and networking, Operations support, Validation support and Finance.

"Scientific Jugaadfunda Innovations" is incubation and innovation management execution partner who supports "Samruddhi TBI Foundation", to manage its incubation program and related services. 


Scope and 

Express Interest and submit request for supporting your idea/innovation/proposal on the secure STBI  portal. 

You will immediately receive an acknowledgment from our patent attorney about the recognization of your submission.

Based on the stage of your innovation, you will be guided by our team to be part of relevant incubation program stage.

Respective mentors shall support you in bringing the best out of you and adding strength to your business idea, taking it closer to commercial success.

Our innovation management tools and processes supported by our third-party execution partner, shall enable you to navigate your position on the path of entrepreneurial journey.

An online tracking mechanism will enable funding agencies to review and take a call on approval of seed funding

Idea Resonator
Acquire Skill for Generating Quality Ideas

Very first stage is, identifying right problem to solve. Then learn to think out of box and multiple solution possibilities. Our experienced mentors will share the process of grouping of solutions and derive quality idea. Get familiar with TRIZ technics and methods to improve quality of your solution and idea.

Your idea could be great invention. Find how much innovation impact it has. Gain from experience of successful entrepreneurs and qualified mentors. Learn how to find teachnical feasibility and commertial viability of your idea. Find product-market fit for your idea. Find will your idea worth attracting investors?

Idea Accelerator
Find Impact and Potential of Your Idea

Startup Accelerator
Find Impact and Potential of Your Idea

Learn to build the right team. Establish your legal entity. Initiate your lean start-up. Identify when and which investors can fund your start-ups. Deep dive into go-to-market strategy and customer acquisition cost. Estimate profitability, estimate your funds requirement, cash-flow projections, term sheets, loans V/s debt. Validate your pitch before you present in front of the investors.

Learn to build an effective pitch. Estimate how much is the requirement of funds. Prepare how you would like to utilize your funds. Learn how to decide on debt or equity fundraising. Understand term sheets and preparation of cash flow. Raise your funds

Investors Meet
Get Funded and Scale-Up Your Start-Up

Ideation to Graduation Process

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Idea Resonator

Idea Accelerator

Startup Accelerator

Investors Meet & Graduation

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